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How To Measure Head For Wig? Stepwise Methods!


Finding the perfect wig transforms your look and boosts your confidence, but ensuring a comfortable and secure fit starts with accurate measurements. 

Knowing how to measure the head for a wig is essential for achieving that flawless, natural appearance. 

Whether you’re a first-time wig wearer or a seasoned enthusiast, understanding the correct method to measure your head will make all the difference. 

This guide carefully walks you through each step, ensuring your wig fits like a second skin. It includes steps and tips to ensure your wig fits like a glove.

Required Tools You Must Have!

Before you begin measuring the head for a wig, collect the necessary equipment that will simplify and improve the accuracy of the job. You should gather:

  • Notebook 
  • Pen 
  • Handheld mirror
  • Stretchable measuring tape

Stepwise Guide For How to Measure Your Head for a Wig

To find a wig that fits perfectly, you need to take a series of exact measurements. Here’s a detailed guide on how to measure your head properly.

Step 1: Measure the Circumference

Let’s start by getting the perfect fit for your wig! Wrap the tape measure around your head, starting from the middle of your forehead and ending at the hairline. 

Wrap it around just above your ears and the nape of your neck until you’re back to where you started. 

It will give you the circumference of your head, an essential metric for finding the right wig size. 

Remember, the tape should be snug but not overly tight to avoid discomfort when wearing the wig.

Step 2: Measure from Front to Nape

The most crucial measurement for measuring your head for a wig is the distance from the front of your hairline to the nape of your neck. 

This measurement determines how well the wig will fit and look on you. Place the tape measure at your hairline in the centre of your forehead to get this measurement. 

Then, run it straight back over your head to the nape of your neck.

Ensuring the wig hugs the crown of your head will make all the difference in how natural and beautiful it looks.

Step 3: Measure Ear to Ear Across the Forehead

In the next step about how to measure a head for a wig, place the tape measure at the peak of one ear and stretch it from your forehead to the peak of the other ear. 

This technique allows you to determine the width of the wig cap from your forehead to your temples.

Step 4: Measure Ear to Ear Over Top

Place the tape measure at the peak of one ear and stretch it across your head to the peak of the other ear. 

These measurements guarantee the wig is correctly aligned from side to side at the top of your head. Ensure there’s no looseness, and the tape is straightly drawn across.

Step 5: Measure Temple to Temple Around Back

To find the perfect fit for your head, start by placing the tape measure at your temple on one side and then bringing it around the back of your head to the other temple. 

This will ensure your headwear fits comfortably around the broadest part of your head.

Step 6: Measure the Nape of the Neck

In the end, determine the width of your neck’s nape. Lay the tape so it aligns with the base of your earlobe. 

Draw a complete circle around your hairline on each side. Return the tape to the initial location. This guarantees that the wig will fit securely around the base of your head.

Practical Tips for Accurate Measurement!

Precision is crucial when taking your head size for a wig. Here are a few suggestions to make sure your measurements are exact:

  • Always measure twice to verify the accuracy
  • Keep the tape measure snug but not tight.
  • Take measurements in front of a mirror or with the help of a friend.
  • Write down each measurement immediately to avoid confusion.

Wig Size Chart!

To assist you further, here’s a comprehensive wig size chart based on standard measurements. 

This chart will help you align your measurements with the right wig size, ensuring an optimal fit.

SizeCircumferenceEar to EarFront to Back
Child19 inches12 inches12 inches
Petite21 inches13 inches13.25 inches
Petite/Average21.5 inches13.25 inches13.75 inches
Average22 inches13.5 inches14.25 inches
Average/Large22.5 inches13.75 inches14.75 inches
Large23 inches14 inches15.5 inches

To ensure you select the perfect fit, it’s crucial to know how to measure your head for a wig accurately; for further details on finding the ideal length, check out our comprehensive guide on wig length chart.

Adjust Your Wig for Better Fit!

Once you have your wig, you might need to make slight adjustments to ensure it fits perfectly. Here are some effective methods:

1. Elastic Bands for Secure Wig Fit

To make sure your wig stays in place all day, you will sew elastic bands into the wig cap. 

As a result, this is helpful if you have a smaller head because the bands will make the wig fit snugly and securely on your scalp.

2. Velcro Straps for Adjustable Wig Comfort

Velcro bands are also a great choice for making changes to your wig. They enable fast and simple adjustments to the wig’s fit, providing both ease and comfort. 

Just tighten the bands to the level you like and experience a tailored fit. Simply adjust the straps to your desired tightness and enjoy a customized fit.

3. Hook Straps for Easy Wig Attachment

Remember: Hook straps are often included with wigs, making keeping the wig in place accessible. 

You can also change the straps to fit your head so the wig feels secure and comfy for anyone who wears it. 

These straps will be adjusted to fit different head sizes, providing a versatile solution for maintaining a secure and comfortable fit.

Wrapping Up:

Measuring the head for a wig accurately is the cornerstone of finding a well-fitting and natural-looking wig. 

With the right tools and precise measurements, you will ensure that your wig fits comfortably and complements your overall appearance. 

A well-fitting wig will enhance your confidence. It will effortlessly transform your look. Take the time to measure correctly. 

Use the size chart as a guide. Make necessary adjustments for the perfect fit. Your ideal wig is just a few measurements away.