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Wig Length Chart: How To Pick The Right Length For Your Wig?


Picking the perfect wig length will feel overwhelming. With so many options – different types, styles, and colors – it takes time to figure out the right fit for you. 

But don’t worry, perfectline swiss experts have a super easy solution to relieve all the stress. Just use a wig length chart! It’s the best way to ensure everything’s right before buying your favorite wig. 

Trust us: finding the perfect wig length will enhance your natural beauty, match your style, and meet all your daily needs. 

Our excellent guide will walk you through all the crucial things so you can confidently choose!

How To Find Your Ideal Hair Length?

It will take some time to figure out the perfect length for your hair through a hair length chart front. It all depends on your hair type, the shape of your face, and the style you want to achieve.

1. Determining by Hair Type

Your hair type makes a big difference in finding the right wig length. 

  • If your hair is thin, shorter wigs usually look better because longer ones will make your hair seem flat. 
  • But if you have thick hair, longer wigs will work well. 
  • Knowing what kind of hair you have helps you pick a wig that looks real and feels good.

3. Matching with Face Shape

When picking the perfect wig length, your face shape plays a significant role. 

  • If you’ve got an oval face, consider yourself lucky because pretty much any wig length will suit you. 
  • For those with round faces, longer wigs with layers will help create a slimmer appearance. 
  • Square faces will benefit from medium to long wigs that frame the face at shoulder length, which softens the angles. 
  • If you have a heart-shaped face, shoulder-length cuts work wonders by balancing the forehead and chin. 
  • And if you’ve got a long face, medium-length hairstyles or trendy bob cuts like layered bobs, side-swept crops, or asymmetrical bobs are the way to go.

So, choose a wig length that flatters your face shape and rock that fabulous look!

3. Defining Your Hair Goals

Think about what you want to achieve with your wig. Whether you’re going for a chic bob or an elegant long hairstyle, it’s essential to consider before purchasing. 

  • By defining your hair goals, you will choose a length that suits your lifestyle and desired look. 
  • If you’re looking for an everyday option, medium-length wigs offer an outstanding balance of style and manageability. 
  • On the other hand, longer lengths are perfect for special occasions or if you want to make a bold statement. 
  • If you’re thinking about restyling your wig, it’s a good idea to go for a longer-length wig.

What Are the Different Wig Length Categories?

Hairpieces/wigs are available in various sizes, providing diverse options for styling and meeting multiple tastes.

  • Short Length Wigs

Short wigs, usually 8 to 10 inches long, give you a neat and professional look. They are also straightforward to style and care for.

  • Medium Length Wigs

Medium-length wigs are usually between 12 and 16 inch wig length long. They provide many styling possibilities, from smooth and straight to gentle waves and curls. 

These wigs are ideal for daily use, delivering a natural appearance that complements different facial features and styles.

  • Long Length Wigs

Long wigs range from 18 to 24 inches. These extended hairstyles provide limitless styling options, such as updos, braids, and large curls

Nonetheless, they demand additional attention and time for styling to maintain their beauty.

  • Extra Long-Length Wigs

Extra-long extending beyond 26 wig inches are for the bold and adventurous.  Although they provide the most striking change, they also require the highest care to maintain their appearance.


How to Measure Wig Length Based On Texture?

The length of a wig changes based on its texture, and getting these subtleties ensures you choose the appropriate size to achieve your desired look. For a seamless and secure fit, learn how to put on a wig properly.

Follow these detailed wig inches guide instructions to determine the length of your wig for various textures:

1. Measuring Straight Wigs

Straight wigs are easy to measure because they are the same length, and there are no curls or waves to complicate things.

Here’s how you do it:
1. Place the wig on a flat surface or a wig stand. Make sure the hair is straight and free of tangles.
2. Find the hair’s starting point on the wig, usually at the top or highest part of the wig cap.
3. Grab a tape measure and stretch it from the starting point to the very end of the hair. Keep the tape measure nice and straight for accurate measurement with a deep wave length chart.
4. Take note of the measurement. That’s the length of your straight wig!

2. Measuring Wavy Wigs

When measuring wavy wigs, follow these steps:

1. Place the wig on a stand or flat surface and let the waves fall naturally without stretching or tangling.
2. Find the highest point of the wig cap.
3. Use a wig hair length chart to gently follow the hair’s natural length, from the top to the bottom, without stretching it.
4. Wavy wigs may look shorter than straight wigs because of the waves. If you want a specific length, consider choosing a slightly longer wig.
5. Write down the measurement as the length of your wavy wig.

3. Determining Lengths of Curly Wigs

Curly wigs present a challenge in determining their lengths because of their unique curl patterns, which often make them look shorter than they are.

1. Set the curly wig on a stand or any even surface, making sure the curls are natural and free from knots. It’s important not to pull on the curls.
2. Find the hair’s starting point at the top of the wig cap, where the hairline meets the cap.
3. Carefully extend a curl to its maximum length without altering its natural shape. Keeping the curl’s structure the same is to stretch it just enough for accurate measurement.
4. After stretching the curl, use a curly wig length chart, making sure it follows the curl’s path.
5. Curly wigs tend to look shorter when not stretched. Choose a wig that is longer than the intended final length to account for the curls’ reduction in size.
6. Record the stretched length as the actual length of the wig. This will assist in comparing curly wigs to those with straight or wavy hair.

Effective Tips for Measuring Your Wig Length!

Here are some handy tips for measuring the length of a wig:
Use flexible tape measure: A fabric or flexible tape measure will give you more precise measurements than a rigid ruler.
Double-check for accuracy: If needed, take multiple measurements to ensure you get it right. Measure the wig in a straight line from the root to the tip through the hair inch chart.
Keep the desired look in mind: Different textures can make wigs look different, even if they have the same measured length. Consider texture when choosing your wig to ensure it matches your expectations.

How Do Different Wig Lengths Compare With Each Other?

It’s essential to consider the length of a wig based on the style you want and how easy it is to manage. Let’s take a look at the different wig lengths and what they have to offer!. Additionally, understanding wig density is crucial to achieving the perfect look and feel.

8-Inch Wig Overview

The 8-inch wig is perfect for a pixie cut or a chic bob. With this length, you will rock a short, straight bob, an asymmetrical cut, cute curls, or even beach waves. 

It falls just past the chin and above the collarbone, giving you a superb, low-maintenance option, especially in hot and humid climates.

10-Inch Wig Overview

Next, we have the 10-inch wig. This length gives you a slightly longer bob or a short layered cut. You must choose a middle or side part bob or playful spiral curls. 

When straightened, it falls just above the collarbone. It’s an excellent choice for transitional seasons like spring and fall, as it gives you enough length to style without getting too hot.

12-Inch Wig Overview

Moving on to the 12 inch wig length. This one reaches the shoulders, giving you a classic bob or a sleek lob. You will go for curly bobs or beachy waves with this length. 

When straightened, it typically reaches the collarbone. It’s perfect for mild weather conditions, balancing coverage and comfort.

14-Inch Wig Overview

A 14-inch wig falling just above the shoulders, this length allows for soft waves and subtle curls. It’s a great option if you want something between short and medium styles. 

Plus, it’s suitable for windy conditions as it offers sufficient length to manage flyaways and maintain a tidy appearance.

16 Inch Wig Length

This medium-length wig hits the collarbone and can be styled into loose waves, curls, or straight looks. It’s perfect for a chic and versatile style. 

18-Inch Wig Overview

An 18-inch wig with a length that sits below the shoulders, this wig offers a more substantial look. It works well with curly, straight, or wavy styles and is easy to maintain. 

It works well in warm and cool climates, providing flexibility in styling to suit the weather.

How Long Is a 20 Inch Wig?

If you want longer, flowing hair, the 20-inch wig is for you. It will be styled in various ways, from elegant updos to cascading waves.

How Long Is a 22 Inch Wig?

Get ready to turn heads with this glamorous mid-back length wig. Whether you prefer cascading curls or sleek straight styles, this length will make a statement.

How Long Is a 24 Inch Wig?

A 24-inch wig makes a bold statement that reaches the lower back. It’s perfect for those who want long, luscious locks.

26-Inch Wig Overview

For adventurous souls, the 26-inch wig offers extra-long length and endless styling possibilities. It’s great for winter, providing extra coverage and protection. 

28-Inch Wig Overview

Reach near the waist with a 28-inch wig, perfect for those who desire exceptionally long hair. Style it in elaborate updos, or let it flow freely for a bold look.

32-Inch Wig Overview

For a lasting impression, go for the ultimate length with a 32-inch wig. It offers luxurious waist-length hair that exudes drama and elegance.

  1. The length of the wig that’s most commonly chosen is typically between 18 to 22 wig inches. 
  1. This range provides a style that’s adaptable and easy to handle, fitting a wide range of facial structures and individual preferences. 
  1. It offers sufficient length for various styling options without the extra care for longer wigs. 
  1. It’s important to note that if you select a specific wig and you’re tall, it might look shorter on you compared to someone of average height. 
  1. This combination of usefulness and beauty makes it popular among those who wear wigs.

The Bottom Line:

Picking the right wig length is essential for getting the look you want and feeling comfortable. 

If you’re new to wigs, don’t worry! We have all the information you need to choose the perfect wig length. Try different lengths on a wig length chart to find the one that suits you best. 

By considering your hair type, face shape, and personal style, you will find a wig length that enhances your natural beauty and fits seamlessly into your life. 

Whether you’re into a short bob or long and pleasing waves, the right wig length will boost your confidence and show off your unique style.