About Perfect Line
Lace wig Grid Eraser:


Perfect Line Swiss started over twelve years ago in Zurich. We have always created products for our clients by listening to our clients and understanding their needs.
The lace wig has been around for decades and has evolved so much, however, one problem remains, the visible grids and knots, Perfect Line has developed a patent pending 2 in 1 product that hides the lace grids and erases the knots. No more bleaching knots, or attempting to disguise grids with foundation.
Perfect Line wig Grids and knots Eraser is easy to apply, it’s made Ultra-thin and will not add any bulk to your unit, it is enriched with essential oils to keep your wig scalp moisturised.

Keep Talking, Perfect Line is Listening and Inventing!

Precision Perfection Quality, Swiss What Else!

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