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How To Hide The Lace On A Closure?

A lace closure is a top unit or small hairpiece that you can customize or buy ready to wear. They can be attached to the skin with the help of a double-sided tape for those with hair loss or a liquid adhesive.

There are several types of lace closures: curly wave, body wave, straight wave, three-part, middle part, and free part. There are also 7×7, 6×6, 5×5, and 4×4 lace closures. Whichever lace closure you decide to use though, you wouldn’t want the lace being out in the open.

In this article, we would be going through the best ways to hide the lace on a closure. All of these methods and strategies have been used by so many people and surely work.

  • 1: Choose the right closure

Select a good quality lace closure that have texture and color similar to your natural real hair. Not sure where to get one? Shop from us here at Perfect Line Swiss.

  • 2: Select a color that matches your skin tone

Fact is, a lace that is undetectable like your scalp will help you hide it better. You can dye the lace using a fabric dye similar to your skin tone as well. Dip a cotton swap in a dye and apply anywhere the lace can be seen (around your hairline and at the park).

  • 3: Trim off the excess lace off

Before you wear the lace frontal closure or full lace closure, trim the excess lace off. Use a sharp fabric scissors to cut off the excess, leaving about a 1.25-inch lace strip.

  • 4: Hide all your hair

All of your own hair should be hidden before you put on the closure. Use a hair gel to make the hair slick and stick.

  • 5: Put your lace closure on

Put on your closure and go to a hairstylist to ensure that it is cut in a way that suits your style perfectly. Adjust the lace closure to fit you head well, then secure with clips or combs.

  • 6: Sharpen a white eyeliner pencil to a point

Carefully draw a white line with the white liner pencil on the parted area of your scalp. Make the line thin, and as close to the scalp as can be.

  • 7: Shake and open a bottle of skin colored concealer

Take makeup with a thin brush – use the tip of the brush to collect a small amount of concealer. Casually brush the part covered with a white-liner using a thin layer of skin-colored concealer.

  • 8: Wipe the makeup brush off with a paper towel

You need a small amount of makeup powder that is slightly darker than your skin tone. Brush this thin layer over the part to seal the concealer.

  • 9: Use a headband or a scarf

People would think accessories mean your hair is natural. This is another great way to hide the lace on a closure.