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What is a 13×4 Lace Wig? Everything You Need to Know With Top Advantages!


Lace wigs have completely changed the hair game, offering incredible flexibility and natural looks. 

Out of all the different types, the 13×4 lace wig is quite special because of how it’s made and the styling options it provides. 

In this article, Perfect Lines Swiss professionals will clear your confusion about what is a 13×4 lace wig, how it’s made, what makes it different, and why it’s so great. 

Whether you’re new to wigs or a big wig fan, knowing more about the 13×4 lace wig will make a real difference in your hairstyling adventures. Keep reading to learn all you need about this awesome hairpiece!

What is a 13×4 Lace Wig?

A 13×4 lace wig is a front wig with a 13×4 inch lace base. It has a lace closure piece 13 inches across the forehead and 4 inches from the hairline. 

To truly understand a 13×4 lace wig, you need to grasp the concept of what a lace front wig is. It’s packed with valuable information that will help you understand the world of wigs much better.

This setup gives you a super natural-looking hairline and lets you part your hair in all sorts of ways – middle, side, no parts, you name it! 

The lace part on the 13×4 lace front wig is bigger than the one on a 4×4 lace closure wig, which means it’s perfect if you want more breathable and versatile.

Understanding Lace Wigs and Their Craftsmanship!

Recently, lace wigs have gained significant popularity, and with good reason. These wigs are intricately designed using a lace cap that provides coverage to the scalp. 

Each hair strand is meticulously hand-tied into the lace, giving the impression that the hair is naturally growing from the scalp. 

In addition, this particular process guarantees a natural appearance and allows for versatile styling options. 

The lace base, usually made from a thin and breathable material, closely resembles the scalp, resulting in a wig that closely mimics the look and feel of natural hair.

Advantages of Wearing 13×4 Lace Front Wigs!

These wigs have many benefits, making them a hit with wig lovers. Not only do they give you a supernatural look, but they also let your scalp breathe like a dream. Check out some of the tremendous advantages:

1. Achieving a Natural Look

This beauty features a 13×4 inch lace base with a closure piece measuring 13 inches across the forehead and 4 inches from the hairline. 

With this construction, you’ll enjoy a natural-looking hairline and the flexibility to part your hair in multiple ways.

2. Enhanced Breathability

One great thing about these wigs is that it’s super breathable, so your scalp will breathe easily. 

This wig comes with lightweight lace material that allows for proper air circulation, perfect for a hot summer. No more sweating and feeling uncomfortable!

3. Superior Style Flexibility

Do you know what’s great about a 13×4 wig? It gives you the freedom to try out all sorts of hairstyles! 

The lace covers a large area, so you will play around with different partings and updos without worrying about it looking unnatural. 

Whether you’re into a middle part, side part, or rocking a high ponytail, this wig must be your top choice. It’s all about styling it your way!

4. Exceptional Comfort

One great advantage of 13×4 lace wigs is their exceptional comfort. The lightweight lace and secure fit ensure that the wig stays in place without causing any discomfort on your scalp. 

This means you will confidently wear your desired style daily while remaining incredibly comfortable. It’s truly remarkable.

What is the Difference Between 13×4 and 13×6 Wigs?

The primary distinction between 13×4 vs 13×6 lace wigs lies in the size of the lace closure piece. 

A 13×4 lace front wig has a smaller lace area, while a 13×6 lace front wig has a larger one. 

As a result, the parting space on a 13×4 lace front wig is shorter, whereas the parting length on a 13×6 lace front wig is deeper. 

However, 13×6 wigs may be slightly more expensive due to the additional lace and craftsmanship required. However, both wigs come with interior combs.

13×4 vs 13×6 Lace Wigs: Which One Is Better?

When it comes to choosing between a 13×4 vs 13×6 lace wig, it is all about your personal styling preferences and budget. 

If you value greater flexibility in parting and are willing to invest more, then a 13×6 lace wig would be your ideal choice. 

On the other hand, if you’re seeking a cost-effective option that still provides a natural look and versatility, then a 13×4 lace wig is an excellent option. 

Regardless of which one you choose, both of these wigs have the potential to enhance your appearance.

The Bottom Line:

When selecting a lace wig, it’s essential to consider your preferred style, comfort requirements, and budget. 

Both 13×4 and 13×6 lace wigs provide a natural-looking appearance and flexibility in styling, with the key distinction being the amount of lace coverage. 

Understanding each wig type’s distinctive features and advantages will ensure you make a well-informed choice, allowing you to confidently and comfortably achieve your desired look.