Lace wig grid and knot concealer Single pack (One 15ml Tube)

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  • Features highlighted:
    • One single pack has one 15ml tube of your chosen shade.
    • No need to tint your lace or bleach your knots.
    • One tube covers a 13x 6 frontal and over 15 part application.
    • This product works on ALL lace, HD lace, closure wig, frontal wigs, and transparent lace.
    • Shades can be adjusted with your foundation (darker or lighter)
    • When wash in cool water, you can have a few wash before re-applying.
    • The lace grid concealer is sweat and water resistant


    Color shades available and you can choose any color:

    • Nude (nude for Caucasian)
    • Tan (light sun kissed color)
    • Mich (medium)
    • Dan (dark)
    • Shadae (Deep dark)


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No more bleaching or tinting your lace!

Are you tired of the long process to hiding lace grid and knots on your favorite lace wig?

how to make lace frontals or lace wigs look like scalp without bleaching?

Perfect Line has a solution for you.

This wax concealer is formulated to quickly and easily convert your perimeter and parting with a more natural appearance that appears like your real scalp in under five minutes

You would not need to tint lace, and you definitely would not need to overpluck or bleach your knots. One application from this golden tube will last you for three to four shampoo washes. You wouldn’t find a concealer with this quality and result anywhere in the market today.

This lace grid concealer is perfect to take with you for touch ups on your lace wig whenever needed. It also glides easily onto your wig for quick touch ups on your part and hairline. It creates a natural scalp effect that effectively covers knots and grid marks from the lace

Your days of using makeup or foundation that washes or rubs off are over pluck your lace wig is over! This concealer is sweat and water resistant!

This amazing product comes in one, two, three or five tube pack. The undertones are more on the neutral side, this will blend well with any skin-tone.

All shades can be adjusted with your own foundation to create a more unique shade if you desire.  Just follow the instructions on the shade guide to choose the ones that suit you best.

(N.B: Shades look darker in the tube but will apply lighter after application).

Features highlighted:

  • One Single pack has one 15ml tube of your chosen shade.
  • No need to tint your lace or bleach your knots.
  • One tube covers a 13x 6 frontal and over 15 part application
  • This product works on ALL lace, HD lace, closure wig, frontal wigs, and transparent lace.
  • Shades can be adjusted with your foundation (darker or lighter)
  • When wash in cool water, you can have a few wash before re-applying.
  • The lace grid concealer is sweat and water resistant


Color shades available and you can choose any color:

  • Nude (nude for Caucasian)
  • Tan (light sun kissed color)
  • Mich (medium)
  • Dan (dark)
  • Shadae (Deep dark)

Product Quality

We follow the recommendations of the FDA and Health Canada and we adhere to CTFA Quality Assurance Guidelines. These guidelines enable us to guarantee the consistency and quality of our products from batch to batch. We constantly perform quality tests on all formulations. In accordance with our company policy we do not test on animals. We source most of our raw material locally which optimizes the quality and precision of our product.

Our ingredients combine with the machines and processing techniques = an amazing end product


  • Nude (nude for Caucasian)

Perfect Line has developed a unique one-of-a-kind exclusive nude grid eraser for Caucasians. No more bleaching knots, or attempting to disguise grids with foundation. This nude Perfect Line Lace Grid Concealer is easy to apply, very light weight and enriched with essential oils to keep your wig scalp moisturized.

  • Tan (light sun kissed color)

Do you have a light skin? Are you wondering how to make your lace wigs or lace frontals match your natural scalp and hide grids and knots in lace without having to bleach the knots? Look no further, this Tan colored Lace Grid Concealer offers a quick and easy alternative which will give your part and hairline a more natural appearance that looks more like your natural scalp.

  • Mich (medium)

Our Mich colored Lace Grid and knot Concealer mimic the appearance of real scalp. We created it for every lace wig wearer that wants a flawless scalp look. This Mich palette can be used on any brand of wig or frontal and will match all medium brown skin tones. Customize your perfect shade by using a bit of your own foundation to achieve your desired color match.

  • Dan (dark)

Use this dark Dan color finish for a seamless, realistic look. Perfect for dark skin tones, it is easy to apply, weightless, and enriched with essential oils. It keeps your wig scalp moisturized, you would not need to tint lace or bleach your knots. One application will last for a 3-4 shampoo (sometimes more).

  • Shadae (Deep dark)

Shadae colored Lace Grid and knot Concealer is a really quick and the only effective way to hide your lace grid and knot to appears like your real deep dark scalp in under five minutes. No more Bleaching! No More Using Makeup and Foundation that rubs or washes off!


NUDE (nude), TAN (light color), MICH (medium), DAN (dark), SHADAE (Deep dark)

40 reviews for Lace wig grid and knot concealer Single pack (One 15ml Tube)

  1. Sharon Seward (verified owner)

    Hello. I ordered the original size and received it in good time. However the container only allowed me to do 3 wigs. I do not cover the entire 4×4 closure. I only did the parting section. One wig I completed two parting lines. I was watching one of your videos and it stated that I should be able to do at lest 15 units. I didn’t over us the product. There is a huge contrast between 3 and 15. Did I receive the correct size or was it the small container. Please advise.

    • perfectline

      Thanks for shopping with us, It is a misunderstanding for sure
      You covered 3 units with 1 tube which is more that we promise,
      It says in the product decryption will cover more than 15 parting space

  2. Neteia

    Best company best fix for lace wig mesh knots best customer service. Happy customer

  3. Andrea

    This is the best company online. my package was not moving on the post app for days, I was thinking they did not send it out because it only says label created. this company send me another package and ask me to return one of the package I thought that was just unbelivable but 2 package shows up at my home. the product is magic I had to keep both I just paid for the other pack . there are still honest businesses and now I learn this is a black business run by sisters makes me so proud

  4. Nedra

    I won’t write bad about a black owned business period… and that is why I never wrote when I got the lace knot concealer and it did not work for me…. luckily I did not trow it out, went back watched an instruction video agin 3 months later and girrrlll my lace is now scalp my gosh I was not warming the product enough and was not applying quickly . this is scalp even my mother can’t believe it and she is a wig maker

  5. Ramona

    without doing too much I would give this product and company 100%. I did my order on the 27th of November 2 days later my order was dropped off at the post office but the package was just not moving. I reached out to the company and they did everything to help, finally they send me another package and ask me to return the first package , I never seen this before, so when I got the magic tubes because for me its just pure magic what it does, I send paid for the second package and keep it. love this product and love the honesty of this company

  6. Simona (verified owner)

    The search is over !!!!
    THANK YOU !!!’

    I must say I searched long and hard to try to find a product that would erase the knot grids. I seemed to be the only person bothered by this. I searched on YouTube and saw the lengths many would go through to hide the grids. I stopped wearing lace wigs for that very reason. I noticed, when in the sunlight, there were no tints or bleach that would conceal the lace knots. I even started experimenting with my own products to find a solution. After hours of searching on YouTube I stumbled across your product!! HOLY GRAIL !!! Thank you for creating such a lovely product.!!!!

  7. Lashwanda

    lets not be messy its not our hair and ever lace or tint or bald cap or fake scalp will show , but this concealer stick for ME is the closest thing to scalp and it covers MY lace and knots 100% . my only problem is I wish there were more shades and sold in my beauty supply

  8. Gia Collins

    I am so sorry but I need to put it all here. The customer service is topp. I buy the concealer in the Black Friday sales sand I was worried when my package would not move I thought I was scammed rightfully so because there are too much going on in the internet, but this company kept in contact and keep me calm and even offer to ups another package to me because I need it fast. finally my package was scanned on Monday and I got it today Thursday the concealer is everything they say it is and more., omg 5 stars from me is saying thank you for your patient honesty and this concealer.

    • perfectline

      Than you Gia, I am very happy you got your package, it was just so out of our control with the usps moving extra slow.
      But thanks for taking the time and for your kind words. Enjoy and please feel free to share a pic with us.

  9. Jnuwigs

    I used the Mich on my synthetic wig lace and my HD lace and it worked fine. Will be ordering again to use for my business

  10. Jessica

    yes this is scalp for sure, even people standing beside me cannot believe it, looks so so real

  11. Cinnamon

    I am so glad I found this product. It is such a hassle Bleaching knots, trying to hide the holes. We all know we love to wear wigs, it does not mean we have to look at wiggy while doing it. This product is user-friendly. You just follow the directions. It may take a couple of tries, but once you get the hang of it, it is fool proof. I also like the fact that it provides coverage without having to cake it on. It does not transfer. This was a genius invention, I love supporting black business. Also, the customer service is phenomenal. They even helped me select the best shade for my skin tone. I will purchase this again and again

  12. grace

    Thanks QUEEN its your time I like to see our people rise. let me just trow this in there, for someone who invents the baddest product in the lace wig business you are so humble its sickening. this product is life changing love it stay bless

  13. janet

    third time buying this product, first time I apply it wrong second time I fell in love and now I am just simply hoookeed lol
    thank you this makes life easier and my wig looks like scalp even my bf is impressed and he hate wigs lol

  14. Tiara

    Best customer service ever best lace concealer ever best Black own and family run ever . Am so happy I found this product

  15. LislisD

    Thought something off with these 5 stars but I tried anyway not expecting much . This wax stick is perfection even my sister standing in front of me can’t believe it❤️❤️❤️❤️.you can use my pic on Ig

  16. carolyn

    when black people invent we keep quiet about it when other people invent we celebrate them. honestly this is not something we should be quiet about we should be proud of these sisters for this concealer it works like magic. yes I was not sure but the fact that it was one of us took a chance and could not believe the result. this is the answer

  17. Vhair

    I recently bought the stick concealer in NUDE.
    I previously bought the sheet version and fell in love with it so I was curious
    and exited to try this new product .
    Well OMG perfect line you really
    knocked it out of the park on this one
    didn’t you? lol!
    I’m a mother of 2 , between work and
    my kids my self care time is limited so
    I strongly recommend this product to
    those that need professional looking
    results FAST Cos that’s what you’re
    going to get with this Product .
    I would also like to add that I have no makeup / hair dressing training and I
    managed to get amazing results first
    time with the stick so I am seriously
    blown away with this product, it’s just my
    personal opinion but I consider this to be an upgrade from the sheets ( which
    were already amazing !!) I will list below
    What I love about my stick concealer
    – the wind up stick ensures you use only
    what you need , you cannot waste the
    product ( better value for your money )
    – The stick gives you full control over how much and where you apply the
    product ( want more press harder , want
    less press lighter )
    – looks even more realistic due to being able to apply less in certain areas
    —the product sits snugly within the holes/grids of the lace without bleeding
    through onto the other side . The
    consistency Is easy to manipulate when
    warm but sets firmly enough not to
    budge when cool yet also remains
    flexible on the lace !
    -The new stick packaging makes storage easy and convenient . I can store it in
    my make up bag if I need to take it with
    me when I travel just like a mascara
    which I like .
    The product came with instructions that were easy and simple to follow .
    -My wig lace is unclockable in a way that I thought was unachievable in real life without a camera or filter
    To anyone who has tried the previous
    sheet version … if you loved that then
    consider the stick your new upgrade Cos
    You you see feel the difference, it will
    blow you away! And if you are new to
    this product I would say …you will not be
    disappointed! The photos you see are not the result of camera trickery , your
    new wig ‘scalp’ really will look THAT
    realistic !
    Another thing that impressed me
    Was that the new stick version in the
    NUDE shade has an even more realistic undertone for Caucasian skin. I completely skipped the step of customising with my own foundation
    and powder with the stick as it matched my skin tone perfectly
    , that was also another bonus that
    impressed me that I love .
    Thank you Perfectline,
    I didn’t think you could improve on perfect but you just did ! your
    attention to detail is appreciated
    Its the best value for money I have
    spent online on a long time . Delivery
    was speedy – I ordered mine late Friday night and received it on Monday (
    during quarantine!!) which was great .
    Long live Perfect Line Swiss

    • perfectline

      Unfortunately we do not get the time to reply to reviews.
      we are truly thankful as this act helps others understand the product through the eyes of customers which is super powerful in my opinion.
      We love all reviews, someone take their time to write a review when they are happy about a product is rare these days. This is an amazing review and you cover so much key points. Me and the girls are humble and grateful for amazing customers like yourself.
      Thank you and stay safe
      And yes thank you Long Live Perfect Line Swiss 🙂


    This product has completely
    Changed my wig wearing experience to 100% C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-T I love it . If your lace is too light /too dark – not a problem! – don’t want to bleach knots – also not a problem! you will have the closest thing to a human scalp on your lace .
    Makes any wig customisation a dream .I made a YouTube video showing how I do mine :

  19. Snookie Rochelle

    This concealer is beyond amazing! I got it last week and finally tried it yesterday. I got it in the color Mich and it worked like a dream. The grids in my closure were no longer visible and my parting had a more natural appearance after using it.. As a wig maker, a wig wearer, and owner of a luxury hair boutique, this most definitely has my stamp of approval and have already started recommending this to my customers and friends

  20. Terisa

    not without my lace wig grid eraser

  21. lovette

    this is a clear proof that we as a black community can invent our own beauty product no-one knows our struggle like we do. I am happy for you . I have been watching this product for December 2018 and the improvements are great, yes queen you are doing the thing more to you

  22. antonia

    I am in love with this product, it is everything people say it is and then some, it patch holes in my wig. the customer service is out of this world. best wishes for your business for 2020

  23. Mandy

    This is a real game changer nomore bleaching the knots its amazzzzzzing!! Excellent customer service i had an issue with my package and it was taken care of asap,will be ordering more

  24. Nicole Calico (verified owner)

    Was skeptical, love the product…about to order again. #supportblackbusiness

  25. Natasha

    Amazing period

  26. anuk

    just get a bunch of the product you will love it and need it as long as you wear lace wigs or lace closure. Testpack ist meiner Meinung nach Zeitverschwendung Ich liebe dieses Produkt

  27. arnold

    I bought your product in january and still have left over from 2 sheets. I see some poor comments on a youtube video and i am lost because me and my girls have nothing but good to say about your product and customer service. I am writing this review and encouraging other customers to speak up for you because i know these are lies. you will have people hating you for this product but dont stop keep doing what you are doing i am happy to see a black girl winning

  28. mariah

    like wtf wig makers want to keep this to themself am always on insta and always find whats trending , am on fire right now with how happy i am . thank you mammacita

  29. bianca

    THIS IS THE BEST so mad i only took the trial pack

  30. zena

    the stress is over, with a little bit of effort my part is looking like skin even close up

  31. nekkka

    I was looking at your review page before i purchase and i thought its too good to be true. After i paid for the product and someoe call me because there was an error with my address i was blown away the extra mile you guys go for your customers. now i have the product and am wishing you all the best its amazing

  32. Mary

    I just found this I searched for solutions for my wedding and there was nothing , I feel I want to retake my wedding close up photos now that I have this magic product

  33. Monica

    Love love love this am hook

  34. Real


  35. roselee

    I dont know what you all doing as for me its a 5 minutes application and my part is perfect. girllll you are a BOSSSS

    • perfectline


  36. ruru

    Miami was not ready for this , i put it on my first client wig and the game change for good. this is next levellll!!!!

    • perfectline

      keep doing your thing, let us know if there is anything we can help you with to keep you at the head of the game

  37. Muller

    Thank you, you make my life so much easier and am happy i can work out in my wig and the filler hold up under sweat

    • perfectline

      Thats what its about, we are too busy….

  38. Dannette

    Amazing wish i had bought more!!!

    • perfectline

      now you know and also know your shade so no worries.

    • perfectline

      Thanks for taking the time to give us a review we appreciate it!

  39. NICOLE

    love it and customer service is LITTT

    • perfectline

      Thank you!

  40. robin

    amazing product take away all the stress of trying to hide the holes. my first try was not good and then i sleep wake up and try it again. thanks is amazing

    • perfectline

      Thanks for giving it another try 🙂

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