Lace wig grid and knot concealer Standard pack (Two 15ml Tubes)

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  • Features highlighted:
    • One standard pack has two 15ml tube of your chosen shades.
    • No need to tint your lace or bleach your knots.
    • One tube covers a 13x 6 frontal and over 15 part application.
    • This product works on ALL lace, HD lace, closure wig, frontal wigs, and transparent lace.
    • Shades can be adjusted with your foundation (darker or lighter)
    • When washing in cool water, you can have a few wash before re-applying.
    • The lace grid concealer is sweat and water-resistant


    Color any two color shades:

    • Nude (nude for Caucasian)
    • Tan (light sun-kissed color)
    • Mich (medium)
    • Dan (dark)
    • Shadae (Deep dark)
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No more bleaching or tinting your lace!

Are you tired of the long process to hiding lace grid and knots on your favorite lace wig?

how to make lace frontals or lace wigs look like scalp without bleaching?

Perfect Line has a solution for you.

This wax concealer is formulated to quickly and easily convert your perimeter and parting with a more natural appearance that appears like your real scalp in under five minutes

You would not need to tint lace, and you definitely would not need to over-pluck or bleach your knots. One application from this golden tube will last you for three to four shampoo washes. You wouldn’t find a concealer with this quality and result anywhere in the market today.

This lace grid concealer is perfect to take with you for touch-ups on your lace wig whenever needed. It also glides easily onto your wig for quick touch-ups on your part and hairline. It creates a natural scalp effect that effectively covers knots and grid marks from the lace

Your days of using makeup or foundation that washes or rubs off are over pluck your lace wig is over! This concealer is sweat and water-resistant!

This amazing product comes in one, two, three or five tube pack. The undertones are more on the neutral side, this will blend well with any skin-tone.

All shades can be adjusted with your own foundation to create a more unique shade if you desire.  Just follow the instructions on the shade guide to choose the ones that suit you best.

(N.B: Shades look darker in the tube but will apply lighter after application).

Features highlighted:

  • One standard pack has two 15ml bottles of your chosen shades.
  • No need to tint your lace or bleach your knots.
  • One tube covers a 13x 6 frontal and over ten 6” parting space.
  • This product works on ALL lace, HD lace, closure wig, frontal wigs, and transparent lace.
  • Shades can be adjusted with your foundation (darker or lighter)
  • When washing in cool water, you can have a few wash before re-applying.
  • The lace grid concealer is sweat and water-resistant


Color shades available:

  • Nude (nude for Caucasian)
  • Tan (light sun kissed color)
  • Mich (medium)
  • Dan (dark)
  • Shadae (Deep dark)

Product Quality

We follow the recommendations of the FDA and Health Canada and we adhere to CTFA Quality Assurance Guidelines. These guidelines enable us to guarantee the consistency and quality of our products from batch to batch. We constantly perform quality tests on all formulations. In accordance with our company policy we do not test on animals. We source most of our raw material locally which optimizes the quality and precision of our product.

Our ingredients combine with the machines and processing techniques = an amazing end product


  • Nude (nude for Caucasian)

Perfect Line has developed a unique one-of-a-kind exclusive nude grid eraser for Caucasians. No more bleaching knots, or attempting to disguise grids with foundation. This nude Perfect Line Lace Grid Concealer is easy to apply, very light weight and enriched with essential oils to keep your wig scalp moisturized.

  • Tan (light sun kissed color)

Do you have a light skin? Are you wondering how to make your lace wigs or lace frontals match your natural scalp and hide grids and knots in lace without having to bleach the knots? Look no further, this Tan colored Lace Grid Concealer offers a quick and easy alternative which will give your part and hairline a more natural appearance that looks more like your natural scalp.

  • Mich (medium)

Our Mich colored Lace Grid and knot Concealer mimic the appearance of real scalp. We created it for every lace wig wearer that wants a flawless scalp look. This Mich palette can be used on any brand of wig or frontal and will match all medium brown skin tones. Customize your perfect shade by using a bit of your own foundation to achieve your desired color match.

  • Dan (dark)

Use this dark Dan color finish for a seamless, realistic look. Perfect for dark skin tones, it is easy to apply, weightless, and enriched with essential oils. It keeps your wig scalp moisturized, you would not need to tint lace or bleach your knots. One application will last for a 3-4 shampoo (sometimes more).

  • Shadae (Deep dark)

Shadae colored Lace Grid and knot Concealer is a really quick and the only effective way to hide your lace grid and knot to appears like your real deep dark scalp in under five minutes. No more Bleaching! No More Using Makeup and Foundation that rubs or washes off!


NUDE (nude), TAN (light color), MICH (medium), DAN (dark), SHADAE (Deep dark), 1 Nude 1 Tan, 1 Tan 1 Mich, 1 Mich 1 Dan, 1 Dan 1 Shadae

73 reviews for Lace wig grid and knot concealer Standard pack (Two 15ml Tubes)

  1. Shavonne (verified owner)

    I just want to say thank you guys so much for a rapid response. I ordered a 2 pack and only one tube was sent you guys immediately responded to my email and sent out another order. This order contained two tubes so I now have 3 tubes. This product is a game changer for lace wigs I will never use anything else!!

  2. I hate this company.

    The absolutely worst customer service I’ve ever experienced in my whole life of ordering online. I paid extra for 2-4 day shipping and it’s been over a week. Before I even ordered online. I tried to meet their atl distributor and she stated “oh we’re in the same city!” To me, implying we could meet up and do this quickly. We set a time for 10am pickup. She pushed it back to 3pm. 6pm rolls around before she decides to meet with me and by then it was time for me to go to work. Further inquires and she ignored me. Never had a company ignore me in my life. But. You can only expect this type of stuff from black owned business. The product is amazing. And they think that’s all
    They need. I hope another person comes out with this same stuff so I don’t have to order from them. As a matter of fact I’ll try to figure it out myself so I don’t have to deal with this hellish company.

    • perfectline

      WE TRULY APOLOGIZE FOR THIS INCONVENIENCE! We go above and beyond to offer the best service to our customers, as you can see in a lot of our reviews.
      Unfortunately we have no control over the postal service which is stated In our policy. The record shows that this is your second purchase with us, both purchase was process under 24 hours. The first purchase there was no complaints but I do understand that as the number of covid case increases in the USA and operations are restricted this affects deliver time. We are living through a different time. Please be advice that our distribution partners are independent companies. A great product is nothing without customers, so no we are not arrogant, many many customers will tell you that we have been above and beyond to ensure their shopping with us is a great experience. I see that UPS put in this comment on your package JANUARY 18 – 10:44 AM
      “We’ve incorrectly sorted this package which may cause a delay.Opelika, AL” Please hold them accountable for the delay.

      Once again our apologies

  3. Creoledinero

    I have tried four different products already, this by far is simply AMAZING! The color is so true to life and flawless looking to the eye, even close up. I love all the versatility with wigs, just couldn’t stand my part reviling the lace. This product just saved me from leaving the wig game and wasting lots of money! You are definitely a mastermind genius for this product, stocking up ASAP!

  4. Taylor

    you need to stop this, I can’t believe I just found out about this. I am so disappointed that none of the Black hair guru and Youtubers and influencers did not review this product. this product deserve to go viral trust me to get the right people to know about it.

  5. Debbie

    Voooodo magic this is just unbelievable love this product . I customize 3 wigs in 20 minutes with this wax

  6. Carmen Wurts

    Game changer!! I have tried all the tricks and THIS is truly the only thing that hides the grids and makes it look like scalp!!! Smart woman!! Thank you so much!!!

  7. jackson

    Your product works but the instruction is trash, I figure it out by watching different videos online,… not good

  8. Sharon (verified owner)

    Lost the directions and as soon as I let someone know they sent them over right away! #GreatCustomerService
    I watched the videos, practiced on an old piece of lace first, then applied the product to my wig. I was nervous at But I absolutely LOVE this! Will be recommending it to all I know. Definitely ordering more.

    • perfectline

      Thanks a million

  9. boujiebrand

    I have been watching this product on IG since the virus shut down. I trusted my instincts Patricia seems to be a true sister and this is unbelievable I am looking at it but I cannot believe how this 1 product change my lace to scalp and stay in place for 9 days now woooah am giving 10 stars

  10. Natalie

    Thank you sis customer service is great and the concealer is everything you said and more

  11. Grace

    My hair looks like a million dollars this is scalp

  12. Bridgette

    This is so innovative

  13. William

    Yes come through girl this works like nothing else. Am in love I put a like of my contour powder at the hairline to match my skin and it works flawless

  14. Maggda

    GTA girls this is a Canadian company this product is LIT my wig is on point no one can tell this is a big my scalp part is looking so real…….

  15. dollface

    am so happy for you and also so scared for you that these criminals who like to copy people product will come after your invention. I love this product so much and can’t wait for it to get to the top

  16. stacy

    ALL I want for Christmas is this lace wig grid eraser, I am so happy I found this before all my christmas events. Am going to show up looking like a bomb bitch.

  17. MEGAN


  18. carleta

    thank you for helping me online yes the product did apply much lighter and i blend it with mu foundation , i love it

  19. matt

    loving wigs all over again

  20. Latavia

    This stuff is amazing. Shipping and handling is on point. Customer service is on point and this is product is perfect for wigs im gonna order this product for all my wigs

  21. mirabel

    black girl inventing, i am so proud of you the world need this .i coverd my 2 fav wigs and still did not open 1 of the bottle yet.

  22. Cia (verified owner)

    OMG!! I just received my new applicator tube in DAN color! It hides the lace grids AND the knots!! I’m ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with this!! I’ll be showing a pic on the Perfectline Swiss Instagram page soon!!! No one compares to u all!!

  23. lala

    Did not try the old application it was just too much for me, but when i tell you that this is it . it does not get any better than this woh woh woh

  24. Nini

    Hats off to you girl this is a great product and am excited for the new package

  25. Ashley

    The clean up took a a bit to do at first but the look of the scalp with the lace wig grid eraser is worth it. My wig looks real and natural no more of that OVERPLUCKING I used to do to trick the eyes because now even when my friends are standing with their nose touching my head they can’t believe

  26. Nancy

    What lace love it

  27. Rejka

    3rd time buyer the colors are now super realistic and the customer service is as it was just phenomenal

  28. Sophia (verified owner)

    I used this product with a lace closure and it made a great difference. Very easy to install and does exactly what it is supposed to do. I found that once applied the colour looked a little lighter so i added some darker powder. I also made last minute change to my order and the customer service was excellent. I would order again.

  29. toyin

    where is the 100 stars this product is amazing customer care is the best on the net. I went on holiday with the product on my wig i swim to no end and the product did not move after 9 days and much activities in extrem weather i see the lace peeking through and all i did was to press in the part section with the end of my brush and it was as good as new again. I wanted to wait until after my trip to do my review. THIS IS IT AM LOVING IT PERIOD!

  30. nathanlee

    love the product but i wish i was told that i have to sign to get my order. my order was sent back and i had to wait for it to be sent out to me again all in all i love it

  31. frontalinstall

    Arnold you are so right, when i see people trying to knock this company i just shake my head. it is not right. Thanks perfectlineswiss i love your product and your honesty. I sign up for thr affiliate on her site and i got my first payment end of April and everyone that buy through my link is happy

  32. beckie

    YES YES YES I am totally on board with this black girl out here inventing. sister you are a star you just gone and done it…..

  33. parker

    when i first saw it i thought it was clay so i tried clay on my lace it dries out and f my good wig up. bought the grid eraser and clearly see that was not clay.i dont know what it is but girrlllll for me it is magic

  34. trinni

    girl you and your company is a breath of freshhh air.
    am so sorry that 1 or 2 fools are trying to say bad things about your company and i am glad i did not listen. the filler is amazing the customer service is the best!!!

  35. Richart


  36. Wanda

    Thank you customer service is the best and the product is exactly what I have been searching for

  37. Rita


  38. patricia

    had to use my foundation to make the shade fits but the product works it hides the lace and the videos on your youtube chanel that shows how to apply without the line of demarcation is a very good video. Love this product and your company

  39. Breanna

    Love this product I got 7 application out of a single sheet and it does not wash off easily

  40. Claudia

    Am new to the wig making game but I put on a lot of my clients to this product and am getting my ratings for that.

  41. Jodie

    Customer service is on point the product is phenomenal!

  42. amanda

    I order the 3 shades and was sent the new shade to try before it was launched, that is 10 stars out the gate. This company is not hungry their focus is not money its customer first, i love that. I only use the filler in my parting area for my clients wigs and am telling you its a huge difference. you won me over am telling everyone about this company

    • perfectline

      Thank you! Our aim is to always provided both a great product and an excellent service.

  43. Sheneka

    Thinking i may order lighter next time. Excellent company!!!! I appreciate you following up with me. Great and quick customer service.
    Thanks again

  44. Curtisha Palacios

    This product is amazing!! Exactly what I’ve been needing in my life! Not only is the product great but the customer service was even better. They answered all my questions and helped with my difficult orders when I kept sending back orders because I wasn’t sure which color to order. Shipping was super fast. Over all great experience

    • perfectline

      Thank you it was a pleasure for us as well!

  45. Nakia

    OMG, this is so amazing, I’m telling everybody about this. I’m going to ALWAYS order this FOREVER .

  46. shade


    • perfectline

      Thank you!

  47. nichelle

    100 stars for this company, i cant believe they call me because my order was returned they tried reaching me by mail and i did not reply. I got my order and let me not lie i did try a small bit on an old wig to see how it looks. the second try was the bom . i apply it so flat it looks soo natural am in love.. you are the best and your filler is my new best friend lol

  48. diane

    Love this product this is my third order!

    • perfectline

      Hi Diane,
      We appreciate you so much, sending you a little symbol of our appreciation in your package.

    • perfectline

      Thank you

  49. britany

    love it , it works after 2 try , i tried first on one of my old wigs . Thanks

    • perfectline

      Good move , its good to try out on something first to get the hang of it. its like anything else practise practise practise 🙂

  50. Jenkins

    Ok this is going to be a book, i order this product and when i got it the color was too dark for me . i ask perfectline if hey could change it in a rush because i was going on holiday, they sent me out a new package rush order got it in 2 days in time for my trip. perfecvt line is so trusting i pray for great success for this product. i watch the video on their youtube page how to take out the visible line that was my concern but it all went well. love this product…..

    • perfectline

      Thank you for your kind words and thank you for being honest by sending back the product not everyone did.

  51. charlenea

    I am happy i took a chance on this, now i dont tint lace bleach knots over plucked hide lace , i have 1 product that just makes my wig looks great without all the fuss. me too i use the blow dryer

    • perfectline

      Thanks for taking the chance:-)

  52. grace

    repeat customer i did not leave a review on my first purchase, i bought the product in october 2018 my friends like it and i shared it with them 1 sheet each and we used it till january with the strip application . the product does not wash off when was softly with cold water.
    I love how you listen to your customers and add new shades you also improve the shades to be more neutral. you are a star totally connected with your customers. you got me and my crew for life

    • perfectline

      Thanks for coming back and for reffering your friends , hope you like our little token

  53. yanique

    Love love love this product, it was a bit to wash it off. but i get it now. the product is made with oils so i use my dish washing soap to wash the lace then i condition it and it was as good as new. for the skin like result i get with the product its worth it…

    • perfectline

      Thanks Yanique, i am now using your trick with the grease cutter 🙂

  54. Beverley

    First try faillll and then i try again and am totally won over, my part is like scalp it si now 6 days with my filler and every day it looks more and more natural. I would not cover my entire frontal with it just put it where i need to show a part. shipping was fast customer service is bomb LOYAL CUSTOMER HERE!!!!!

    • perfectline

      Hey Bev, thanks for sticking with it !

  55. Tasha

    This is Fire the universe answerd my prayers lol
    tanks am loving it

    • perfectline

      Hi Tasha, Thanks for your kind words!

  56. alexander

    love it flawless

  57. maria

    Thank you perfectlineswiss the product is amazing and customer service is like nothing i have ever seen.
    stay blessed girl

    • perfectline

      Thank you

  58. Petra

    Yes yes yes This is the only thing that hides the knots and the lace. Am super pale I have to use my make up to change the color but it looks just like skin. Got a customer for life!

    • perfectline

      NUDE will be online for purchase mid March thanks for staying with us

  59. Karen W.

    Excellent, buying again for additional wigs! Real deal! Ingenious.

  60. winsome

    I could just hug you , you change my wig making game am happy and my customers are happy……,.,.

  61. nataie

    perfect line you rock best customer service every and the product is amazing

  62. nedia

    I looked everywhere for something like this am sooo proud of this sister for this invention when i have the money i would love to be a distrtibutor this is a sure money maker.
    christmas came early for me this year

  63. nikki

    If i could give this product a hundred stars i would.
    Ok maybe not the delivery did take 18 days lol but when i tell you girl that patricia who seems to be the owner is on top of her customer service game its no lie. she called me appologized for the delay and then resend my order out with express because i was going to a wedding. 2 more of my friends buy the product and are very happy so i knew i would love it too.
    I am buying $100 worth for my christmas am in love.
    girl keep doing your thing!!!!!

  64. Nina

    Customer service like no other I pray that god will bless this business. post Canada had issues and my order was delayed the owner took The time to call me, she told me if I don’t get my order in a few days she will send me a package by express post on her account. I did the honest thing once I received my order I let them know. Now to the product it’s amazing, I had to warm it up 4 times at 15 seconds at a time. It applied very nicely and turn in to scalp. No lace wigs without this filler from now on.
    Perfect Line you got me from the first time I saw your product

  65. Patience Hunter

    Excellent product. Got mine yesterday all the way in the UK and don’t know how I have lived without it.

    Great innovation & look forward to introducing it to all my girlfriends.

    A staple in any beauty bag.
    Keep it up

  66. Ola

    Thank you I understand your postal service slow the delivery down a bit , I would have paid for fedex to Nigeria but no problem next time. I looooooove the product easy to use and to adjust the color to my skin amazing china did not take this one you are so talented God bless you and your business

  67. briana

    girl you did not lie this product works like magic. i dont put it at my hairline just left enough hairline for my got2b application
    Thanks sista i am proud of you

    • perfectline

      Thank you i am humble! enjoy .

  68. Kesha

    got my order today took 10 days but it was worth the wait. the eraser is this best invention am in love.
    thanks perfect line you help me to stay calm while waiting.

    • perfectline

      Thank you for your purchase. Am so very sorry for the delay due to the issue with the postal service.
      however, we will be shipping out of the U.S as of first of December.

  69. Fumi

    This product is life for me right now.

    • perfectline

      Thank you for taking the time to say such nice words. grateful!

  70. Manuela

    Amazing product recommend did not use a wig cap but the product wash off my hair easily when I took it off. Am only using strip from now on don’t want it to finish 🙂 also the product took about 20 seconds to warm up .

    • perfectline

      Thanks Manuela, we are happy when out customers are happy

  71. Rachel

    Must say I was not sure , when I tried to peel the product out of the pack it broke and i panic I Emailed perfect line and she told me i can just join the product when I put it on to my wig and to press it out a bit more towards the hairline so there will be no harsh line.
    I did as she instructed and I am amazed at the result I achieve for my first application. Clearly there are not grids in sight.
    It does take a little practice but it’s just like any new product . Practice make perfect and to hide my lace I am ready to practice
    Supporting all the way

  72. Michelle Renaud

    Omg! Who is this genious. All of us women have been Struggling with our wig grid forever, so thankful it is a sister who created this product. Sister’s GO get it! This is a legit fix. I have mine and loving it If you are still sitting on the fence , Get off and go get yours. Your wig game just leveled UP.
    thanks perfect line for being a true trail blazer

    Mrs Renaud

    • perfectline

      Thanks a million, this makes me proud of my hard work.

  73. natalie

    OMG i cant believe it, finally a product to hide the nasty lace wig grids.
    got my product on Wednesday and applied it right away from excitement. immediately my lace was transformed into what seems by look and feel to be skin. I am sooooo happy. customer service is AAA perfect line was so nice answered all my question and help me get going with the application. i can never go back to lace wig without perfect line grid filler. now i welcome anyone who want to steer into my hair lol

    • perfectline

      Thanks Natalie,

      This makes me truly happy when the people who usees my product are satisfied.
      All the best!

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