Lace wig grid and knot concealer Wig maker pack

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Set yourself apart, if you stock this high demand product you will attract new customers to your store.

  • Include 1 counter top display box (holds 25 tubes)
  • Marketing material
  • Application instruction card (soft printable copy)
  • 50 tubes of the concealer (list colors in comment box)
  • Express shipping

1 review for Lace wig grid and knot concealer Wig maker pack

  1. BestInches

    This was a good start to introduce this wax stick to my clients. we are involve thanks perfectlineswiss. my customizing is down to just plucking and most wigs are preplucked so there you go. This product is the business but If you dumb as f and cannot follow instruction this is not for you. Sending you prayers for major success for your business…

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