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The product does looks darker in the pack than when it is applied, we recommend in doubt take a shade darker than your skin tone
See application tips and tricks on our YouTube page: PerfectLineSwiss or IG @perfectlineswiss
Its recommended to use a wig cap to cover your hair before application
Turn wig inside out to reveal the lace and set on a wig head.
Warm the product up before winding it up or the winder will break (warm up for 15 seconds in warm water)
Wind up the product to about 1 mm, pass your blow-dryer back and forth over the tip of the product until it is tacky. Do not over warm the product or it will become TOO soft and seep through TOO much on the hair.
Place the product on your lace press and stroke forward in a stroking motion until you reach desired coverage. (warm up product both on the lace as well as the container as necessary until your entire area is covered
Turn the wig over part and blowdry your chosen area, then use the flat side of your comb to press the product into the lace until knots disappear and your part is defined.
Apply your foundation in a dabbing motion to reach your desired scalp tone if necessary
Take a small towel with a bit of liquid oil to clean up any transfer of the product onto the hair.
Though you can use lace wig glue and Got2B gel with the product, please keep in mind that the holding time could be affected because of the oils in the filler.


Its recommend to scrape off any remaining product off your unit, set the unit lace down into 50-70% rubbing alcohol for a few minutes or use some glue remover or grease striping soap then rinse with lukewarm water, shampoo and condition as normal.