Application Tips Tricks & Care 
  • Do not wind up the tube before warming it up, you could damage  
  • the winder 
  • It’s recommended to use a wig cap to cover your hair before  
  • application
  • Turn wig inside out to reveal the lace and set on a wig head. 
  • Put the covered tube into a cup of very hot boiling water for 2.5-3:00 Minutes, Placing the tube top side up (warm up some more if it is not paste like)
  • You can also use your blow dryer to warm up the concealer. 
  • Wind up the product to about 1 mm, (do not push up too much of  
  • the product as application will be hard and product may brake)  
  • Do not over warm the product or it will become TOO soft and seep  
  • through TOO much on the hair. 
  • Gently press and stroke forwards or backward until you reach desired coverage.
  • If the concealer becomes dry during the application, use you’re blow-dry to warm up the product on the lace and use your finger or a flat comb to smooth it out. You can also put the tube back into the hot water to soften it up again.
  • Turn the wig over, select your parting space then lightly blow-dry your parting space and use the flat side of your comb to press the product into the lace until knots disappear and your part is defined. 
  • Add a few small drops of your favorite liquid hair oil to clean up transfer of the product off the hair as well as to moisturize the parting space
  • It is recommended to scrape off any remaining product off your unit. 
  • Hold your wig in a bun lace side up, hold the unit under hot running water until it all the product melts off.
  • Use oil base glue remover or any grease stripping soap on the area.
  • Use a soft brush if necessary, to wash off the concealer.  
  • Condition and shampoo as normal.  
  • Mineral powder Turmeric and Beetroot Powder 
  • Alpina and Rose water  
  • shea Butter, Lemon and sage oil

With care you can wash your unit in cool water or even go for a swim without disrupting the product. 

The concealer looks darker in the tube however, it will apply shades lighter.  After a few days add a tip of oil to refresh the concealer again if it looks dull.  See our website and IG for tips  

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