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Dropshipping Agreement


The agreement aims at building a product distribution system between both parties. Party A is authorized by Party B to resell its products and use its pictures and other information on the recorded platforms or websites.

This Drop Shipping Supplier Agreement is made and effectively by date —————————–

BETWEEN: (Supplier) Perfect Line Swiss. with its head office located at 5511 Tomken road Mississauga a corporation organized and existing under the laws of Canada.

AND: (VENDOR/ company name and WEBSHOP link ——————————)

(the “Vendor”), a person or corporation organized and existing under the laws of ______________


  1. Setup a drop shipping account with Perfect Line Swiss
  2. A valid State Sales Tax ID and or company information must be provided before Vendor’s first purchase.
  3. Orders are placed via Vendor’s drop shipping account.
  4. Orders are processed and shipped within 2 days of confirmation.
  5. Vendor is responsible for all shipping and handling charges on all shipments, including refusals and
  6. Supplier ships orders: globally
  7. Under certain circumstances, shipping methods are determined by the weight, size, or destination of the
  8. Supplier will use the most cost-effective shipping method.


  1. Orders are shipped via USPS standard ground service. Shipping charges and terms are listed on supplier website. And

shipping fees are non-refundable.

Back Orders:

  1. Though we do not anticipate back orders, should this happen. Orders will not automatically ship complete unless Vendor specifically requests that orders to be shipped complete.
  2. Backorders will ship, when product is available, only after Supplier has verbally contacted Vendor for approval.

Refused Orders:

Refused product will be credited less 20% restocking fee, freight and handling charges.

MAP (Minimum Advertised Price)

The Supplier sets a Minimum Advertised Price on all products for all Online Venders and Dealers. Vendors are expected to advertise Perfect Line Swiss products no lower than the MAP. The Supplier retains the right to refuse sale to repeat offending Vendors. The MAP is subject to change without notice. This requirement does not apply to Vendors that require membership fee and maintain its own inventory of Perfect Line Swiss Products.

Loss, Damage/Pilferage, mis-shipments, mis-billings, and shortages:

  1. Claims for lost shipment, or damage/pilferage must be reported to Supplier’s Claims Department within 10 days of delivery/expected delivery date. If Vendor has filed a claim, the claim number must be given to Supplier’s Claims Department when Vendor reports the damage/pilferage.
  2. Shortages, mis-shipments, and mis-billings must be reported to Supplier’s Customer Service Department within 10 days of delivery date/expected delivery date. Save Original boxes, enclosed documentation and packing materials. Some carriers require on-site inspection before product can be returned.
  3. Replacement product will be billed to Vendor’s account when shipped. Credit will be issued for returned product when the returned product is received by Supplier.



  1. Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA#) is required on the shipping label for product returns, or they will be refused. RMA# is valid for 30 days.
  2. Vendor must ensure that merchandise is returned to receive proper credit. Supplier does not track expired RMA#’s.
  3. All non-defective items returned are subject to a 20% restocking fee.
  4. Freight on merchandise being returned to Supplier is to be prepaid.
  5. Merchandise will be credited at original invoice price less freight and handling charges and restocking fees.
  6. Merchandise must be returned in original PACKAGING with enclosed documentation. No returns or credit
  7. requests accepted after 30 days of invoice/ship date.



  1. Cancellation requests must be e-mailed, and the response must state “Cancelled”. If a cancelled order is shipped in error, the Vendor are responsible to contact its customer, and have the shipment returned to Supplier. Before credit can be given, proof of cancellation must be produced, and product returned.



  1. The Supplier accepts: Credit Card/ PayPal will be accepted. Net terms may be established upon approval by the Supplier’s Credit Department.
  2. Offsets, deductions and short payments are not allowed. Pending credits are not allowed to be deducted on checks.
  3. Vendor’s Invoice# and RMA# must be referenced if Vendor want payments applied to individual orders.
  4. Accounts must remain current and within credit limit or shipments may be held.



During the course of business between Vendor and Supplier, Supplier may provide Vendor with confidential information related to Supplier’s business. Such confidential information may include inventory levels, product features and pricing and anticipated new products, Supplier sales practices and programs. Vendor agrees that the confidential information will be used solely for the purpose of conducting business with Supplier. Vendor must not disclose or distribute any confidential information to any competitor of Supplier or to any other third party without the express written consent of the Supplier.


All images of all products supplied by Supplier, including images on Supplier’s web site and its catalog CD, are the exclusive property of PERFECT LINE SWISS 2821541 ONTARIO INC. Vendor may use these images only in connection with the sale of Supplier’s products and only in compliance with any policies or terms stated by the Supplier. No other use or distribution is permitted, and Vendor may not use Supplier’s images in connection with the sale of products from any person or entity other than the Supplier. The Supplier retains the right to terminate Vendor’s permission to use these images at any time and for any reason.


Prices and product availability are subject to change without notice. The Supplier cannot be responsible for typographical errors in the catalog. By placing an order, the Vendor accepts all Supplier’s terms and policies set forth in this Sales Drop-Ship Agreement.

The Supplier reserves the right to modify any of the terms of this Sales Drop Ship Agreement with notice to the Vendor.



Signed:________________________________ Name:_________________________________ Title:_______________________________

Company Name:______________________________ Date:___________________


Signed:________________________ Name:_______________________________________ Title:_______________________________ Date:___________________